Wife Texts Husband She Found A Puppy But He Flips When He Notices A Coyote In The Photo

by Amy Paige
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Kayla is a mother of two young kids in Seaside, Oregon. Recently, she texted her partner Justin to tell him she found an adorable puppy wandering outside alone.

Being the kind-hearted caretaker she is, Kayla told Justin she took the dog in, where he quickly bonded with their two kids. They even named the dog Spot, and he began cuddling up on the couch like he was part of the family.

But the second Justin saw Spot’s photo, he realized Spot wasn’t exactly the snuggly pet Kayla thought. Thus began a long and heated exchange between Kayla and Justin… and you have to see how it all came down to one surprising conclusion.

After posting the words and photos to Facebook, Kayla had no idea her hilarious text exchange with Justin would go massively viral overnight…

Note: The following texts contain some strong language.

Kayla Eby

Kayla Eby of Seaside, Oregon sent her partner a text message after rescuing a sweet puppy who was outside all alone with no tags or ID to identify him or who his owners were.

the puppy in

Kayla kindly took the puppy in, where he quickly bonded with their two young children. He was allowed on the couch and Kayla watched as he snuggled up to her kids in the sweetest way.

coyotes text 2

But then Justin began to realize what was going on and his responses were not exactly what Kayla expected.

He definitely seemed… put off by the new pet in the family home.

...and Kayla and Justin's text exchange went viral overnight.

coyote texts 3

Because of how outrageous the situation was, how close Kayla let the coyote to her kids and how extremely Justin reacted, people started to take notice of the story…

…and Kayla and Justin’s text exchange went viral overnight.

coyote texts 8

While Kayla is still convinced she knows a dog when she sees one, Justin is adamant about making sure Kayla understands that this was, indeed, a wild animal and not a snuggly house pet.

coyote dogs

For some reason, Kayla still seems interested in keeping the coyote in the house, even though she starts to realize that it isn’t a puppy. Luckily, Justin knows she can’t keep a wild animal.

coyote dog on the couch

The photo Kayla snaps of the coyote on the couch with the couple’s son is, in fact, adorable. But it’s also scary. Wild animals should not be housed, especially not with children.

coyote text 4

Justin continues to freak out and rightfully so. The last thing he wants is to come home to a house that has been destroyed by a coyote. And he’s not wrong about the threat of danger being very real.

coyote texts 6

Soon, Kayla starts googling and learning some animal factoids but that doesn’t make Justin any less angry. He definitely wants Kayla to put the coyote out of the house as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, Kayla and the kids have already become attached to the coyote and decided to give it a name. Spot seemed like a good name as any so they went with that. Justin feared the worst.


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Justin pleads with Kayla to shut herself and the kids up in the bedroom so he can come home and deal with the wild animal in their home. He worries the coyote is upset and wants to make sure his family is safe.

coyote dog

Kayla then sends Justin a picture of two more coyotes and tells him they are howling outside and perhaps they are looking for the coyote that is currently holed up in the family home.

coyote dog

But then Kayla revealed the hilarious truth. “When you have a crazy hubby and friends with photoshop…” she writes on Facebook.

The whole thing was a practical joke…

sense of humor

Thankfully, Justin had a great sense of humor about his wife’s joke and everyone is safe.

No coyotes were harmed in the making of this nonsense!