Three Cows And A Rottweiler Form A Beautiful And Unlikely Friendship

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

Sure, kittens and puppies get all the love — but have you ever noticed how adorable cows are?

They’re goofy, they’re playful, and they have big soulful eyes.

They’re basically just giant puppies of the fields, the same way that seals like this guy are teeny puppies of the sea!

They’re smart animals, and there’s plenty of evidence to prove that they love goofing off and playing games, either solo or with the rest of the herd. That’s why it makes perfect sense that they would get along with a real, normal-sized pup.

Granted, most cows are probably mostly familiar with the working dogs responsible for rounding up roaming bovines, so maybe they’re a little wary of making canine friends.

Now, this video is demonstrating that true interspecies friendship is possible, even between three cows and a gigantic Rottweiler!

I can’t blame the cows for being a little bit skittish at first, especially since this pup clearly wants to play and is showing it by doing lots of running and jumping. But, though Rottweilers have a bad reputation as so-called “bully dogs,” most of them are total sweeties, and this guy is clearly no exception.

Just watch for the adorable moment around 30 seconds in where all the critters are done sizing each other up, and decide to be the world’s most adorable best friends forever!

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