At The End Of The Day, Cows And Dogs Really Aren’t That Different

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

Cows, along with other farm animals, get an undeserved reputation for being dumb and void of emotion, not to mention stinky.

Sure, they may not smell the best all the time, but they are certainly not stupid, and they are very curious and caring creatures.

Cows love to cuddle up with each other and show affection. They are social animals who have shown emotional intelligence in more than one study. According to research, they exhibit signs of anxiety when kept in isolation and can solve puzzles.

These following photos show that cows are, in fact, not all that different from the canine companions we treat with so much respect.

Perhaps it is time to really take action in making conditions for our farm animals across the world much more humane. They are living creatures who feel pain and suffering, too!

Have you ever snuggled up with a sweet, sleepy cow? Do you think you’ll look at a cow differently next time you see one?

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[H/T: BoredPanda]

These two are the very best of friends and they're not afraid to show it!

two cows

This is what happens when you leave the door open for five minutes.


Such an affectionate little family!

Such an affectionate little family!

Cows like a good sunshine nap just like the next dog.


Cows are social, friendly creatures who need company.


Such a snuggle baby!


"Hands down, one of the sweetest animals. I have never met an animal that gives out trust faster than a cow."


Belly rubs make everything better!

belly rubs

The question is: what's better, a puppy kiss, or a cow kiss?


Such a patient little cow.


"One of us, one of us!"

one of us

Heck, some cows are even small and fluffy!


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