Cow Gives Birth To A Calf On A Dairy Farm, Then The Owner Refuses To Separate Them

by Anna Halkidis
Anna is a native New Yorker who loves concerts, travel, good coffee, and her Jack Russell terrier, Charlie. She’s a multimedia journalist who earned her master’s degree from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. Her true passion for telling stories keeps her inspired.

Industrial dairy farms are a cause of controversy for animal rights activists. Calves are stripped away from mother cows shortly after birth.

These mother cows are also constantly pregnant or nursing to produce milk for profit.

Angela, a dairy farmer in Pennsylvania, decided to step away from the norm and operate a farm where mothers stayed with their little ones.

While Angela’s intentions were good, her dairy farm became too difficult to keep and wasn’t profitable. Along with her husband, Angela made the decision to give it up. But they made sure their cattle was in good hands.

They sent the cattle to Farm Sanctuary, a shelter in New York where the animals know nothing but freedom and happiness.

(This is the same place Jon Stewart and his wife sent a bull after New York City police officers helped him escape a slaughterhouse.) This allowed her cow Liz to stay with her calf, Cashew.

“We are so grateful to Angela for putting compassion first; for honoring lives over profit; for recognizing when she’d reached her limit; and for making the difficult decision of quitting farming when the odds were not in her favor,” Farm Sanctuary writes on its website.

Through the clip below, it’s clear just how happy the animals are in their new home.

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