Angry Customers Put Restaurant On Blast After Noticing A Secret ‘COVID-19 Fee’ Charge On Receipt

by Amy Paige
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So many restaurants have been forced to close during the pandemic, many of which may never open again even when things return to normal.

One chicken restaurant in Chicago, Harold’s Chicken on Broadway, has been struggling to stay afloat like so many other businesses. Employees have had their hours cut, and its food suppliers are raising their prices.

The manager says a case of chicken wings from her supplier used to cost $60. Now that same case costs $90.

Recently, customers banded together on social media after noticing an added tax on their food receipts.

The restaurant listed a 26% “COVID-19 surcharge” among its fees, and that caused a backlash — to the point that Harold’s has dropped the charge.

Watch the video below to see the restaurant’s response to the controversial surcharge.

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