Couple Moves Into Dream Home, Looks Behind New Drywall To See They’d Been Tricked By Sellers

by Amy Paige
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John Kozlik and his partner thought they’d found the perfect home in Minneapolis. It was listed as move-in ready and newly remodeled with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a fenced-in yard where they could let their foster dogs play.

The couple offered the seller, a house-flipper, $10,000 more than the asking price. The house originally was given a $360,000 appraisal.

John was so excited when their offer was accepted, their big purchase was made, and they finally moved in.

But just four days after the move, things started spiraling downward when a minor rainstorm caused a leak in the basement.

“They bought the house from a couple who said they lived there and did the work themselves,” reported CBS Minnesota.

“The couple had formed a company with two other business partners under the name Ace of Spaces, LLC and sold Kozlik the house. But one day after he discovered the water problems, the sellers dissolved the company, all within a week of the final sale.”

After the water began seeping through, John and his partner had to rip up a third of their finished home and tear into the new drywall — uncovering every homeowner’s worst nightmare.

And so, just days into buying their dream home, John realized they’d been tricked by the sellers.

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