Couple With 38 Children Spend $52,000 On Groceries Each Year And Don’t Plan On Stopping

by Amy Paige
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Jeane and Paul Briggs met as teenagers while attending Christian summer camp. They fell in love, got married in 1976, and have been together ever since.

Jeane always dreamed of having a big family but never fathomed just how unusually large her family would one day be. After she and Paul welcomed three biological children, Jeane went to Mexico on a mission trip and fell in love with a blind orphaned boy named Abraham.

In 1985, Jeane and Paul adopted Abraham and soon felt a calling to adopt more children in need of a loving home.

Jeane began her career as a compassionate nurse who often received calls from adoption agencies asking for medical advice on particularly difficult cases.

Many of these calls were in regard to children who were abandoned by their birth parents, in countries like Russia and Ghana, because they suffered from deformities and special needs.

Some of these children had severe autism, or cleft palates, or rare illnesses like polio. Others were simply aging out of the system and would soon have nowhere to go.

Jeane and Paul took one of these children into their home in West Virginia … then another … then another.

Today, the Briggs are in their 60s. They have 38 children, including 32 who are adopted and a whopping 25 still living at home …

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