Couple Buys Run-Down, Derelict House And Turns It Into Gorgeous Dream Home With Their Bare Hands

by Amy P
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Jaime and Jack, a couple from the UK, had always wanted to live in the Staffordshire area of England, but they could never afford the properties there.

In 2017, they took a huge chance by purchasing a run-down bungalow built in the 1970s. At the same time, they had a toddler and were expecting another baby.

Jaime and Jack invested roughly $80,000 in renovation work — and dedicated themselves to doing all of that work mostly on their own.

The previous tenants didn’t take good care of the property. The rooms were cramped, and the decor was outdated. Overall, the home was in poor condition and unlivable for the couple and their two young kids.

However, Jaime and Jack had renovated spaces before after purchasing their first fixer-upper in their early 20s. It gave them the experience they’d need in building their now dream home.

Jaime and Jack spent their first 18 months in the Staffordshire home making small, simple changes that would make it more livable.

In 2019, they began major renovations, including the addition of more bedrooms and another floor, a new room, large glass doors … and the list goes on and on.

In the clip below, watch Jaime and Jack’s stunning house transformation that has doubled the value of their home!

Video credit: Newsflare

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