Mom Goes To Clinic For ‘Routine’ Cheek Swab Before Learning A Stranger Gave Birth To Her Baby

by Amy Paige
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Anni Manukyan desperately wanted to give her daughter the sibling she hoped for. The heartbroken mom had already spent $120,000 on failed IVF attempts when she got a call from her fertility clinic.

The staff asked her to come in for a routine cheek swab.

Anni’s husband, Ashot, felt something was off about the clinic’s request. Unfortunately, his suspicions were spot-on.

As it turned out, a woman from Queens, New York, had delivered what she thought were twin boys after seeking fertility help at the same clinic. She didn’t know it at the time, but the boys were not actually twins at all, and one of the boys was born from Anni and Ashot’s embryo.

The clinic had implanted two different embryos from two different families — including one embryo belonging to the Manukyans! The staff refused to share any further details with Anni and Ashot about the infant, and they were beside themselves.

The Manukyans took legal action. With the help of an attorney, DNA results confirmed the baby boy biologically belonged to the Manukyans, and not the woman from Queens.

However, the birth mother from Queens had already bonded with the baby boy as if he were her own. She sent in a gut-wrenching letter in the effort to keep both babies together. “I kiss his little feet every day,” she said, according to the New York Post. “I give him a bath. I breast fed him. We’re their true parents and we’re the ones who want to be with him. We love them, they’re ours and they’re twins, they shouldn’t be separated.”

The Manukyans met the birth mother and her husband during an emotionally charged court proceeding.

Watch the video below to learn the judge’s decision — and why the Manukyans are on a mission to shut down the fertility clinic in question.

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