Mom And Dad Strike A Pose In Matching Outfits In The Car, Launch Into Medley Of Summer Songs

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

If you love music, there’s a good chance you have specific playlists created for each season, each holiday, and each mood. There are definitely a few songs that make me nostalgic about certain times in my life, because music is a big part of our world.

The video below is guaranteed to make you nostalgic about the classic hits of the summer. The couple performing the hits really pull out all the stops: They not only lip-sync along to the music, but actually have carefully curated costumes that match the era of each song!

The entire video is filmed in their car, but they certainly make you forget that with their comical lip-sync performance.

They touch on many songs that I know and love as well as a lot that my mom knows and loves! My favorites, though, are the ones that transcend generations and get everyone dancing along. After all, it’s completely impossible to resist humming along to the tunes from Grease!

You might even start to dance a little in your seat. Kristin and Danny, parents to two young children, know how popular their lip-sync videos have been so far, and this summer one might be the best mash-up yet!

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Video Credit: Kristin and Danny, Facebook

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