Dad Won’t Let Daughter Marry Fiancé. Years Later She Finds Engagement News Saved In Mom’s Wallet

by Christian Cotroneo
Christian is a writer living in Toronto, Canada, who shares his home with his dog, Luna.

True love has no expiry date. In fact, it often has a way of growing stronger over time and during long periods of absence.

So when Janice and Prentiss were finally reunited — more than 50 years after they had fallen in love — their hearts were about ready to burst. The couple had actually gotten engaged back in 1961 after meeting in college.

“At one point, we kissed and held hands,” Prentiss recalls in a video.

“From that point, we knew we had to be married,” Janice says.

But her father had other ideas. He outright forbid the union and wouldn’t hear any argument from his daughter or her beloved Prentiss.

“He simply said, ‘You stop seeing that boy or I’ll cut off your tuition,’” Janice recalls. It’s terrible when parents use money as a way of controlling their children but unfortunately, it’s all too common an occurrence.

Prentiss and Janice moved on, each getting married — even as their hearts still belonged to each other.

“I thought of him, I would say, almost all the time,” Janice says. “It was very hard.”

Love, of course, can wait. We’ve seen two hearts wait 65 years before finally being united. And we’ve seen long-married couples so in love that they couldn’t live without each other.

So it’s easy to understand why, when the couple, Prentiss and Janice, finally met again — their marriages behind them —  they didn’t waste another moment…

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