Overweight Couple Looks Drastically Different After 18 Months Of Changing Their Habits Together

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

Wendell and Wendy Weaver have always been in love, but for many years, they were both miserable. That’s because the couple from Dacula, GA, suffered from food addiction and morbid obesity.

At his heaviest, Wendell weighed almost 500 pounds. Wendy was also dangerously overweight. She felt emotionally depleted and lived in pain and discomfort. “I could barely get out of bed,” she said. “I hated myself. I hated life.”

In May 2015, Wendell finally sought the help of a fitness instructor. He knew if he didn’t do something soon, he would die.

Wendell lost 89 pounds over the course of several months. Then four months after he began working out, Wendy joined her husband at the gym.

It has been 18 months since Wendell and Wendy started their new health regime, and together they’ve lost a combined 400 pounds.

Meet them both in the inspiring video below. Their before and after shots are nothing short of incredible.

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