Scared 9-Year-Old Girl Runs To Strange Couple’s Home, Then Tells Them A Man Tried To Kidnap Her

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Unexpected knocks at the door always give me a little anxiety.

It’s usually just a delivery person dropping off more evidence of my online shopping problem, but I still rarely answer the door when I’m not expecting anyone.

For Lyle and Celia Reynolds, in the small town of Menlo, Iowa, an unexpected visitor to their home brought a scary realization.

A terrified 9-year-old girl had run three blocks to the couple’s home, trying to escape a man who had attempted to kidnap her. Luckily, she ran straight to some Good Samaritans who could keep her safe.

Celia said, “I was holding her, and her little heart was just beating a hundred times a minute. She was scared to death.”

The young girl says a man in a white SUV stopped and asked her for directions. When she came closer to hear him, he tried to pull her into the car. He grabbed her shoulder, but she broke free. Amazingly, she was able to run away, and made it all the way to safety at the Reynolds’ home.

In a small town of about 400 people, this is an especially scary incident. Neighbor Mary Little-Van Eaton says that asking a stranger for directions in the friendly town of Menlo is not unusual, so this girl had no reason to be scared, until it turned south. Thankfully, this situation ended well, in part due to the kind strangers she ran toward.

The man who tried to take the 9-year-old girl is still at large. She said he drove a white SUV and wore a mask and a Green Bay Packers hat. Anyone with information can report it to the Guthrie County Sheriff’s Office at (641) 747-2214 or the Stuart Police Department at (515) 523-1896.

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