After She Falls In Love With A New Man, Her Grandma Sees His Name In Her 1990 Birth Announcement

by Amy Paige
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Jessica Gomes met Aaron Bairos in 2007. At the time, the pair from Taunton, Massachusetts, were students at rival high schools.

Their mutual friends thought they’d hit it off, and they were right. In fact, it was love at first sight for Jessica and Aaron.

The couple shared an uncanny bond, and it made sense; early on, they were shocked to learn they had the same exact birthday. Jessica and Aaron were born on April 28, 1990.

At first, Jessica couldn’t believe it. She thought Aaron was just messing with her and trying to win her over. But she knew it was true when they showed each other proof of their birthdays while taking the same driver’s education class.

After nine years of dating, Jessica and Aaron got married. But the love story behind these newlyweds contains another twist.

Jessica’s grandmother pulled out an old newspaper clipping that announced her birth back in 1990. The happy couple discovered they shared a stunning connection that went all the way back to the day they were born.

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