Couple Goes To Use Their Frozen Embryos Only To Learn Fertility Clinic Made Catastrophic Mistake

by Amy Paige
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Mandy and Brian English always wanted a big family. Unfortunately, Mandy was faced with admittedly horrible pregnancies along the way.

Their road to conception was consumed by complications, from a myriad of health issues to multiple miscarriages.

The determined and strong-willed couple pressed on and decided they’d do whatever it took to have children.

Mandy and Brian eventually welcomed a daughter, then a son. They then froze Mandy’s eggs and planned to use a surrogate to carry a future biological child.

Meanwhile, the couple’s desire for more children was growing even stronger. This time, they turned to adoption and brought home their second daughter, Grace.

It wasn’t long before Mandy and Brian were ready for their next phase. It was time to use their frozen embryos and complete their family.

But then Mandy received a devastating call from her fertility clinic. All of the couple’s eggs and viable embryos were gone, along with their dream of having any more biological children.

In March 2018, unbeknownst to Mandy and Brian and countless other families, a “catastrophic failure” had taken place at the clinic in Cleveland, Ohio.

The disaster was more widespread than anyone could have imagined.

Footage provided by WJW Cleveland

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