Husband Died After He And Wife Drank Fish Tank Cleaner, Thinking It Could Cure COVID-19

by Amy P
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President Donald Trump caused widespread controversy and outrage when he suggested that disinfectant found in many household cleaning products could possibly cure COVID-19.

Medical experts clamored to do damage control, warning the general population that ingesting chemicals as a way to treat or prevent the virus (or ingesting disinfectant for any reason) could be deadly.

Still, the president’s strange and troubling remarks reached millions of people — some who were left so frightened by the idea of contracting the coronavirus that they scrambled to find ways to self-medicate. President Trump has also touted hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malaria drug, as a possible cure, adding to the confusion.

Gary Lenius and his wife, Wanda, watched those televised press briefings at their home in Arizona. They heard the president musing about disinfectant and grew more and more afraid of getting sick.

Wanda went to the pantry and found their fish tank cleaner, which they kept for their koi fish. She noticed chloroquine listed as one of its ingredients.

Hoping it would shield her and her 68-year-old retired husband from the virus, Wanda mixed a teaspoon of the cleaner into their soda. They both drank the chemical mixture.

Within 20 minutes, Gary and Wanda became gravely ill. Wanda reportedly called 911, but it was already too late.

Watch the video below to see why their story serves as a crucial warning to people everywhere.

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