Man Becomes A Dad Again At Age 72 When He Adopts The Daughter He Gave Up 39 Years Ago

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

The holiday season is a time to share with your closest family and friends. It’s the time when many families come together, and it’s perhaps the only time of year they get to do so.

This is especially important for some folks — from families both big and small! Even with just one person missing from the dinner table, the holidays just aren’t the same.

But this year, Marcie Keithley and Roger Roth are officially welcoming back a 39-year-old daughter back into their lives.

Almost four decades ago, the pair fell passionately in love, and it wasn’t long before Marcie found out she was pregnant. Roger, unprepared to become a father, walked out on his family.

His pregnant girlfriend found herself alone and scared. She was unprepared to become a single mother with no college education. When she gave birth, her doctors already knew that she wanted to place her child for adoption.

Roger eventually came back to Marcie, hoping to make things right — but it was too late: the child was gone.

The couple went their separate ways, only to reunite nearly three decades later and marry. They always regretted the decisions they made regarding the birth of their child. That’s when Marcie decided to try to find their daughter.

Her efforts led them Jessica, who was now 29 years old. She spent the next 10 years making up for lost time with her biological parents. Now, they’re making their family official: Jessica has been adopted by her biological parents!

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