Couple Calls 911 Thinking There’s An Intruder In Their Home, Until Police Reveal The Culprit

by Angela Andaloro

Thomas Milam and his wife, Elisa, were watching a movie in their North Carolina home just after Christmas.

It was around midnight when the couple, who were on the second floor of their home, heard a noise coming from downstairs.

“It sounded like footsteps almost downstairs because it would tap the wall,” he explained to Inside Edition.

After muting their movie, they realized the noise was unfamiliar and feared it was an intruder. Thomas instructed his wife to lock herself in the bathroom and call 911. Then he got his gun and went to investigate what was going on.

Elisa got through, and police were on the scene in a matter of moments. Thomas, meanwhile, guarded their bedroom door. The 911 dispatcher instructed him to lower his weapon as officers came upon the room. Then they asked a question that made it clear that there was no intruder involved.

“Sir, I have a question,” the lead officer said. “Is this Roomba yours?”

It seemed that the couple’s 2-year-old daughter had hit a button that programmed the robot vacuum cleaner to start running at midnight. Since they’d only received the vacuum two days prior, it didn’t even occur to them that it could be responsible for the noise. Thomas and Elisa were embarrassed by the scenario but grateful that their family was safe and sound.

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