Dad With Beautiful Voice Sings To His Son, Then Catches Baby Falling Fast Asleep

by Mauricio Castillo
Mauricio has been writing for 11 years and is deeply into movies, sports and anything funny.

Love for music is one of those experiences everyone can relate to. Whether you’re a fan of pop or rock and roll or country, it’s something we all understand.

And if the video below is any indication, it doesn’t matter if you’re a baby either!

In the video, dad Billy films himself singing to his baby son.

According to Dad, he has been using his own singing voice to lull his boy to sleep since his son was born.

And the boy has been getting quite the show, because his dad has a great voice!

In the video, Billy starts singing a smooth country tune — one of his son’s favorite songs — while his baby boy stares intently at the camera.

He’s probably wondering, “Dad, it’s time for bed — what’s with the camera?”

But as Billy continues singing his country song, the boy’s eyelids slowly start getting heavier and heavier.

It gets to the point where he has trouble keeping them open!

As the song continues, the boy’s head nearly rocks backward, but Billy catches him in time and pulls him in closer.

Eventually, his son’s head is resting on Billy’s face, but the dad is undeterred.

He keeps on singing his country lullaby!

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