15 Ordinary Things About Country Life That City Folk Will Never Understand

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

When I moved to New York City after college, it was a pretty big adjustment from the country life I was used to while growing up in a small town just outside of another, slightly bigger small town in Oklahoma.

Sometimes I miss the slower pace, but looking at all the hilarious sights folks have shared about their own daily life in the country, I can’t help but giggle when I remember running into more than a few of the exact same things. And I still struggle with #6 every time I go home for the holidays!

Of course, it’s all a part of the charm of enjoying a life out in the sticks. Take a look at more of the unique things that pop up for folks living the country life.

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1. Hay, Wait A Minute

hay bale blocking country road intersection

The traffic jams out in the country definitely look a lot different than what you’d find in the city.

2. Running On Empty

empty tank in the country

That dreaded feeling of getting home after a long day of running errands and realizing you should have gassed up at the closest station (at least 20 miles away) and hope that you have some leftover from the lawnmower to tide you over.

3. Thunder Rolls

country storm downs tree

The loud crack you hear in the middle of the night when it’s storming could very likely be from both the thunder and the bolt knocking down a tree in your yard. If you’re lucky, it won’t take any of your property or the electrical lines with it.

4. O-Hello-There-Possum

opossum in country hen house

Not exactly what you want to find while checking in on your henhouse, but this is just one of the many spots these critters like to get cozy.

5. Dusty Drive

country dirt road

People might think it’s funny to etch “wash me” on your car, but you know the dirt road to drive on to get home will just cover it back up again.

6. No Netflix Or Chill

no signal in the country

If you’re lucky to have internet way out in the country, you’re even luckier if it actually works consistently.

7. Fluffy Traffic Jam

sheep block country road

At least it’s one of the more adorable things that often get in your way while trying to get through your daily drive.

8. Bumpy Ride

country car wooden bumper

Well, you can’t say they don’t get creative out in the country!

9. Real Life Whack-A-Mole

moles dig up country yard

If you could ever actually get your hands on the pesky animals who love to dig holes and ruin your yard, that is.

10. Friendly Neigh-bors

country horse at the door

Just popping by to say hello from the barn next door.

11. Suddenly In The Slow Lane

country road tractor

Seeing anything with that orange triangle pull out in front of you let’s you know that the already long trip you’re probably on is going to be doubled. At least until those yellow lines change and let you pass it, anyway.

12. Slithery Visitors


Both poisonous and non-poisonous varieties of snakes love to pop up around the yard and even sneak up on you while enjoying a dip in the river or lake.

13. Fowl Intrusion

chicken in country home

Most folks only have to worry about accidentally stepping in their pet cat or dog’s little accidents, but you get the fun of adding chickens and other farm animals into the mix when you forget to close the door behind you.

14. Bustling Bovine

country road beware cows sign

Yes, this is a real sign and real fear for folks out in the sticks — they can not only turn a corner and unfortunately run right into a stray cattle, but sometimes a more aggressive bovine will attempt to knock a vehicle over.

15. Chugging Along

country road train

This poor guy caught the train at the beginning, but at least he knew he’d have plenty of time to snap a pic of the reason he’s late.

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