How To Boost Your Eyelashes With An Ordinary Cotton Ball

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

Sometimes, I just really don’t feel like wearing any makeup at all. I’d rather let my face take a breather than smother it with globs of foundation, liner, and all the other items crowding up my cabinets.

Of course, on the other side of the coin, I also like to go all out now and then with all the gloss and glam I can! Even if I don’t have any plans, it can just be fun to try something new and see how it works. Especially if it’s an amazing beauty hack I haven’t taken for a spin yet.

That’s why I’m so glad I came across this fantastic tip from Huda Beauty. By using a simple, ordinary cotton ball, she enhances her natural eyelashes without using costly extensions or other false options.

The delicate fibers of cotton work perfectly for adding volume and length to your existing follicles. It seems kind of strange at first, but you’ll be floored when you see just how huge a difference this little extra step makes.

After coating your lashes with your favorite brand of mascara, take a spoolie (or just a clean mascara wand) and gather bits of the cotton ball onto the stick. Then, gently add those strands to your lashes before the mascara has time to completely dry. Finish with another coat of mascara or continue layering the cotton until you’ve reached your desired length. It’s so easy!

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