California Boy Celebrates His 4th Birthday With A Party At Costco, Complete With Food Samples

by Kelly Glass
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Who doesn’t love free samples and a good deal? Better yet, who loves Costco more than 4-year-old Armando Martinez, who just had his birthday party at the wholesale retailer.

The California birthday boy invited friends and family to the warehouse store’s Norwalk location for the Costco birthday party of his dreams.

Joanna Martinez, Armando’s mom, said her son has been asking her for a birthday party at Costco for months. She finally realized just how serious he was when he shared his party idea at a friend’s birthday party. Other parents thought it was a great idea. That’s when she got to work on making it happen.

“I called Costco corporate and they were telling me it had never been done, so they didn’t know if it could be done,” Joanna told

“And for me to imitate the whole Costco store at home would be too much.”

After a few phone calls and a discussion with corporate, Joanna was able to put together a Costco birthday party complete with food, mock membership cards for the guests, and games.

“We’re just so grateful,” the birthday boy’s mom said. “In itself, it was such an awesome experience and something that we know the family will talk about for a while, so … he loved it.”

Watch the video to see Armando’s birthday and find out what he’s got planned for next year’s festivities.

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