Animal Lovers Save Dehydrated Dog Abandoned On Side Of The Road

by Angel Chang
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It was a scorching day on the Osa Peninsula in southwestern Costa Rica.

Tania Cappelluti, one of the chief organizers of Charlie’s Angels, an animal rescue and rehabilitation center in Costa Rica, was driving on the streets with her buddies, when she suddenly spotted a thin, black dog lying on the side of the road.

The poor girl was severely dehydrated and covered from head to paw in fleas and ticks.

They immediately gave her water, brought her back to the center for immediate medical attention, and named her Gaia.

Since that fateful day, Gaia’s life has completely turned around. Not only has her health been restored, but she has also been paired with the sweetest new owner.

Just like Pilots N Paws, one of the many organizations around the world that facilitates the adoption of rescued dogs, Charlie’s Angels is hoping to find new homes for every sweet animal they come across.

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Costa Rica dog rescue

Charlie’s Angels is an animal rescue foundation in Costa Rica that is dedicated to saving and providing temporary care and shelter for abandoned dogs.

Costa Rica dog rescue

Four women, all of whom have a deep, unconditional love for animals, head the organization: Ellen, an expat from the Netherlands; Mercedes Mora, a seamstress from a small Costa Rican village; Florie, a mother to five rescue dogs; and Tania Cappelluti, a photographer from Germany.

Costa Rica dog rescue

Recently, Cappelluti spotted an abandoned dog on the side of the road, while cruising around with her buddies.

The pup had collapsed from dehydration and malnutrition, and was crying for someone to come and save her.

Costa Rica dog rescue

“All of a sudden we saw this little [girl] sitting on the side of the dusty road in the middle of nowhere!” she posted on Facebook.

Cappelluti jumped out of the car to check on the dog, who was covered in fleas and ticks.

Costa Rica dog rescue

The crew immediately gave her the food they had on hand, and brought the sweet little soul over to the center to receive medical attention.

They named her Gaia.

Costa Rica dog rescue

Since that fateful day, Gaia has fully recovered, and has never looked healthier or stronger.

She has found her forever home in Puerto Jimenez, a large town near the ocean, and now lives with a wonderful lady from France.

Costa Rica dog rescue

Gaia’s successful rescue story further reminds us that there are so many dogs out there that are in need of saving.

Not all abandoned and neglected animals are as lucky as Gaia, and it is thanks to selfless charities and rescue organizations like Charlie’s Angels that many dogs are given a second chance at life and paired with loving, caring new families.

Cappelluti and the rest of the team continue to search for helpless, stray dogs every day, and they hope to find beautiful forever homes for each of them.

Click here to visit the organization’s page, and to follow all of their rescue experiences!

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