Cost Plus World Market Is Having A Big Sale And It’s Time To Make Boho Decor Dreams Come True

by Stephanie Kaloi

OK, friends, let’s just get right to it: Cost Plus World Market is having a giant sale right now, and it’s truly the stuff of boho home decor dreams.

I say this as someone who is a gigantic fan of World Market, and who aspires to be a gigantic collector of boho home decor.

The sale info: When you use the code SAVEMORENOW, you will get 25% off purchases of $300-plus, 20% off $200-plus, or 15% off $100-plus. Plus free shipping on online orders over $75. You guys!

This means you can fill your cart with all kinds of delicious treats, because the best part of this sale is that it applies to everything on the site or in the store.

If you want to start slow, I suggest this warm sunset throw pillow that can be used inside or outside (and is $31.99), along with a seagrass tote basket ($24.99) that you can use to hold your groceries or your library haul.

PS: If you’re not a fan of online shopping, you can get the in-store coupon with the same deal right here. Here are a few items you definitely want to keep in mind:

Planter With Stand

cost plus world market

Since we will inevitably roll into spring at some point, I highly suggest cruising Cost Plus World Market’s collection of planters while on your virtual shopping spree. I am particularly fond of this large gray planter because those brass legs are killer.

Shop Now: Large Gray Planter With Brass Stand ($44.99, Cost Plus World Market)

Set of Vases

cost plus world market

I feel like you can rarely go wrong with vases, and the problem here is just that there are so many beautiful ones to choose from. You have classic options, like a sweet set of three clear bud vases, but you can also find a whole wealth of vases that match just about any color and decor scheme you might have.

Shop Now: Clear Glass Bud Vases, Set of 3 ($5.97, Cost Plus World Market)

Jute Rug

Jute Rug

You can also get 25% off rugs right now on the site, which should make fans of the natural fiber and jute trend particularly pleased. This round jute rug would be ideal in a sweet reading nook, or even under a round kitchen table.

Shop Now: 5-Foot Round Woven Jute Area Rug ($169.99, Cost Plus World Market)

Rattan Cocoon Chair

cost plus world market

Speaking of natural fiber and rattan, how much do we all love this cocoon chair? I personally would like to spend many of my waking hours nestled up in it with a good book and/or a cup of coffee.

Shop Now: Natural Rattan Fallon Cocoon Chair With Cushion ($229.99, Cost Plus World Market)

Colorful Shower Curtain

Colorful Shower Curtain

If you’re looking to add a little color to your life, or at least to your bathroom, shower curtains are always a fun way to instantly brighten up a room that can otherwise feel pretty utilitarian. I am especially fond of this succulent-themed one!

Shop Now: Multicolor Succulent Shower Curtain ($34.99, Cost Plus World Market)

Window Curtains

Window Curtains

If you’re looking for a quick and relatively inexpensive way to add a little romance to your living room (or wherever else! The world is your oyster), these smocked curtains can help you create the exact perfect blend of sweet and serene with a dash of sultry.

Shop Now: White Smocked Top Cotton Curtains, Set of 2 ($53.98, Cost World Market Plus)

Wall Sconce

cost plus world market

Ooh la la! This wood draped bead wall sconce is truly one of a kind and could work with so many different styles in so many different rooms. Add it to your kitchen for a spot of fun. Mix it up in your bedroom. Throw it on the back porch and impress everyone who comes in the house that way. I don’t know: The options are endless.

Shop Now: Whitewash Wood Draped Bead Wall Sconce ($69.99, Cost Plus World Market)

cost plus world market

I would love to buy this headboard, but I am also married to a man whose ideal home is like two or maybe three giant rooms with one to two pieces of furniture in each of them, so this headboard is probably not in my future anytime soon. If it’s in yours, please buy it and send me photos so I can be happy for you.

Shop Now: Desert Santa Maria Loran Upholstered Headboard ($329.99 to $499.99, Cost Plus World Market)

Fleece Bathrobe

cost plus world market

I often forget that Cost Plus World Market also sells clothing, and I’m not quite sure why I do when cozy robes as fabulous as these exist.

Shop Now: Terracotta Paisley Floral Fleece Robe With Hood ($14.98, Cost Plus World Market)

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