22-Year-Old Completely Transforms Herself Into Famous Characters, And The Resemblance Is Uncanny

by Kim Wong-Shing
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Meet Ksenia Perova, the Russian cosplayer who’s taking costume making to a whole new level.

Ksenia is a 22-year-old student in St. Petersburg, Russia.

She’s been doing cosplay (short for “costume play”) for four years now. She says she first felt inspired to make a costume in 2014, after she saw others’ impressive work online.

“My first [cosplay convention] was Ava Expo 2014. I made Oswin Oswald,” Ksenia wrote on Instagram, according to Bored Panda.

She’s now become extremely adept at the art — to the point that some of her costumes look like 2-D characters come to life! Ksenia has nailed a wide range of costumes, from Disney princesses to Game of Thrones characters.

She started posting her cosplay experiments to Instagram shortly after she began. Since then, she has attracted over 70,000 followers.

The artist says her favorite costumes so far have been Arya from Game of Thrones and Mavis from the animated movie Hotel Transylvania. But honestly, there are so many brilliant ones, it’s hard to choose the best!

Check out 13 of her most amazing transformations below.

One of Ksenia’s most popular costumes is Mavis from Hotel Transylvania.

But she’s dressed up as a huge range of other characters.

Like Daria.

And Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

And Wendy from Gravity Falls.

Here’s Mantis from Guardians of the Galaxy.

And Mulan, whom Ksenia calls her favorite character from childhood.

She’s also been an incredibly realistic Kim from Kim Possible.

And Wednesday Addams.

This is Victoria from Corpse Bride.

And this is a character from BioShock, a video game.

How can she look just like a Disney princess one minute and then like Frodo from Lord of the Rings the next?!

Here she is as Ellie from The Last of Us, another video game.

And of course, fantasy fans will quickly recognize Ksenia as Arya from Game of Thrones.

We can’t wait to see what Ksenia cooks up next!

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