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Pit Bull Is Abandoned And Tied To Cemetery Fence Before 2 Rescuers See His Photo On Facebook

by Mauricio Castillo
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One picture of a pit bull effectively saved him from an unknown fate.

According to CBS San Francisco, a person walking by the Sunrise Memorial Cemetery on a cold night noticed something odd.

The passerby took a closer look and couldn’t believe it when they found a pit bull mix tied to the fence with a piece of electrical cord. He looked as if someone had simply abandoned him there.

The person decided to take a photo of the dog and share it on Facebook.

Thankfully, a couple of Good Samaritans saw the photo and were so moved by his sad face that they rushed to the cemetery. They then took the poor thing in and kept him overnight until the animal shelter opened the next day.

After bringing the 3-year-old pit bull to the Humane Society of the North Bay, he received a name: Cosmos.

“It was actually more of a cosmic coming-together of the community, because somebody was good enough to post [the photo] to the internet, and two other people were good enough to actually act on it, and then they brought him to us,” says Lisa Szuc, a volunteer with the humane society.

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NOTE: In a Facebook post by the Humane Society of the North Bay, Cosmos is referred to as Shadow.

Photos: KPIX San FranciscoHumane Society of the North Bay

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