People Are Heartbroken By This Corgi Puppy Who Can’t Accept That His BFF Moved Away

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
Ileana is the Editor of Original Content. She lives in Queens, NY.

Dogs are man’s best friend, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that man is dog’s best friend.

Even if your dog absolutely loves you, there’s a chance they have a four-legged pal they see as their true BFF.

Sometimes, dogs become close to other dogs in the neighborhood, and they form fast bonds. These can be some of the cutest friendships, since they’re so pure and natural.

Dogs love playing with one another, and it’s especially adorable when they learn to care for each other like family.

Miranda Wassinger, a young woman who lives in Georgia with her husband, is an adoring mom to her corgi puppy, Nugget.

Nugget became besties with a neighborhood dog, Bonkers. The two pups always hung out during walks and playtime.

Recently, Bonkers and his family moved away. Nugget doesn’t understand that Bonkers isn’t there anymore, so he still tries to drag Miranda to Bonkers’ door.

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On November 9, 2017, Miranda shared a video of Nugget on her Twitter account.

The video shows Nugget straining at his leash and dragging Miranda to Bonkers’ door. He doesn’t realize Bonkers doesn’t live there anymore.

nugget tweet

She wrote: “Every time we walk on the other side of our apt complex, nugget DRAGS me over to his friend Bonkers’ house bc he’s so excited to see him… but nugget doesn’t know he moved away ): I feel so bad.”

nugget bench

The tweet quickly got a lot of attention.

Within just a few days, the post had over 21,000 retweets and 62,000 likes.

bonkers leash

Because Miranda’s message got so much engagement, she decided to share even more photos and videos of Nugget.

She shared a previous video of Nugget running to Bonkers’ house to explain what Nugget was expecting when he showed up there.

nugget and bonkers

Next, Miranda shared some pictures of Bonkers and Nugget together, and it’s clear how close the two puppies were.

They met right when Nugget came home and they’ve been best friends ever since.

bonkers nugget friends

Everyone was absolutely heartbroken after seeing Miranda’s video, and they were really worried the puppies would never see each other again.

Luckily, Miranda plans on getting Bonkers and Nugget together for some playdates in the future.

corgi friend

One person wrote, “There needs to be a happy ending!!”

Miranda replied: “Don’t worry! I totally plan to reunite them. Bonkers’ owners are my friends and although they moved very far away, we plan to go visit and maybe even move there within the next few years!”

cute puppies

“My heart can’t take this, I’m bouta cry,” wrote someone else.

“I’m in literal tears,” wrote another person.

dogs nugget bonkers

Look how cute these two puppies are together!

When they do have a reunion, I hope Miranda will document it and share it with her Twitter followers.

corgi puppy bonkers

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