Video Shows What Led To 4 Ohio Police Officers Being Fired After Visiting Tavern While On Duty

by Amy Paige
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The surveillance footage in the clip below shows what led to the termination of four police officers now fighting to get their jobs back.

Last September, four officers who patrolled a violent section of Cleveland, Ohio, stopped by a local tavern while they were on duty.

The group, which included a training officer and his trainee, were in uniform when they sat down at the restaurant.

This apparently took place during an evening with lots of activity on the police radio and many phone calls placed to 911 dispatch.

Though the officers remained at the tavern for a good while, many other customers were seen coming and going.

Records show at least one of the officers involved drank alcohol, then left to handle a call from the police radio, then went back to the bar.

As you’ll see in the surveillance footage, alcohol played a role in the officers’ termination.

Now the police union is hoping to help them regain their jobs.

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