Cops Go On A High Speed Chase To Ensure Safety Of A Lost Puppy

by Paul Morris
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A biker cop for the San Francisco Police Department was on patrol alongside a squad car when they suddenly spotted a small black object scurrying by the roadside. As they began to get closer to the mysterious thing, it suddenly began to scurry away as fast as its little legs could move. Suddenly, the cops found themselves on a high speed chase across the Bay Bridge that’s going viral!

Once the police officers got close enough, they realized it was a tiny little Chihuahua that was probably scared and alone. While we don’t know who left the little puppy behind or what the circumstances were, at least we now know that this sweet little dog is now in police custody after he tried to get away in a foot pursuit!

The cops made sure to slow down traffic just to ensure the safety of the little animal. He may be small, but he was certainly difficult to catch up with and eventually catch. The biker cop made sure that he would scare the dog away from getting too close to the side of the bridge, until finally he was caught.

Now, the police are looking for the possible owner of this little guy, hopefully it was all just an accident and not a cruel abandonment. In the meantime, they’ll be looking after the brave Chihuahua, who managed to give the police a real run for their money!

While this little guy is too small to become a K-9 policedog, you certainly have to respect his tenacity! Thank goodness for the police officers who managed to track him down and bring him to a much safer place while they search for his owners.

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High-speed pursuit on the Bay Bridge this morning! One in custody. All are safe!”

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