Police Officers Buy Xbox For Family After Burglars Steal Their Devices

by Emerald Pellot
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Single mother Randi Calhoon works hard to provide for her three young children. Unfortunately, her home has been burglarized twice over the last few months.

Thieves stole their tablets and television, but most importantly for her son T.J., they also took the Xbox game console.

“He was like, ‘Mom, I had a long day. I just want to come home and I want to play my game,’ ” Randi said. “And when it wasn’t here, he just broke down.” The family is not only suffering the loss of the items stolen but they’re pretty scared to be in their home. “It’s just scary that it happened again,” she said. When Fort Lauderdale police officers arrived, the children’s uneasiness really hit home with them.

“[The boy] told his sister, ‘They took everything. They took all of our stuff,’ ” said Officer Aaron Wright. “And it just pulled on my heartstring.” So Officer Wright and Officer Juan Ho contacted fellow Officer Wes Taylor to come up with a solution. Like when cops bought a struggling church worker a bike, these guys knew they could do a small thing to make a big difference. The officers came back that very same night with an Xbox for T.J., along with a few other devices. It may have been a small thing for them, but for a struggling family, the act of kindness in a difficult time was everything.

“I thank God that we have good police officers out there,” Randi said. “So that they can show other people that they’re not all bad. It’s not always about police brutality and that if something happens, don’t call them, because there are good guys out there.”

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