Woman Is Accused Of Shoplifting At Whole Foods. Instead of Arresting Her, Cops Buy Her Groceries

by Amy Paige
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On the Fourth of July, three New York Police Department officers arrived at a Whole Foods grocery store in New York.

They’d received a call about a woman who had allegedly stolen some items from the store’s hot food bar.

Officer Esanidy Cuevas, Lt. Louis Sojo, and Officer Michael Rivera showed up to find an emotional woman being detained by the store security staff.

The woman reportedly admitted to stealing the food because she was hungry. Instead of jumping to conclusions and acting too quickly, the officers paid close attention to her demeanor.

“When you look at someone’s face and you noticed that they need you and they’re actually hungry, you know, it’s pretty difficult as a human being to walk away from something like that,” Lt. Sojo told CBS.

They officers looked in her bag and saw nothing except for the containers of food. They realized they believed her reason and that she had taken the food out of necessity.

They then escorted her up toward the cash registers. She was undoubtedly assuming she was about to be arrested in front of everyone.

But without even saying a word to one another, the three officers made a collective decision right there in Whole Foods.

Another shopper was so touched by what he saw next that he quickly snapped a photo and posted it to Twitter.

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