Exes Both Show Up To Daughter’s Game, Then Turn And Reveal Their Shirts

by Rebecca Endicott
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Parenting is really hard, and it’s even more difficult when the parents split up but want to protect their kiddo from the fallout, as much as possible.

Now, there’s a ray of hope for parents who are no longer together and struggling to find a balance: A photo circulating on social media this week is being celebrated as ‘co-parenting done right.’

A group of parents recently posed for a photo at their little girl’s soccer game, and people all over the internet are praising the mature and balanced parents, who are figuring out the right way to raise a little one now that both parents have new partners in their lives.

It’s a story that’s reminiscent of the uplifting co-parenting story one mom shared when she explained how she and her ex continue to work together every day for the sake of their little one.

The general message? Romantic relationships come and go, but parenting is forever.

Scroll through to learn more about this awesome blended family, and what co-parenting done right looks like!

An inspirational, blended family is making major waves on the internet after posting a photo showcasing their approach to ‘co-parenting done right.’

The photo, posted by Emilee Plaayer, shows four adults flanking the young daughter that they are all raising together.

The picture took off online, and has now been shared nearly 77,000 times. Thousands of other people have added their comments and impressed reactions!

The photo shows a little girl at her soccer game, with her mom, Clara Cazeau, and dad, Ricky Plaayer, on either side of her, wearing jerseys that read ‘Mommy’ and ‘Daddy.’

To Clara’s right is her husband, Alex Cazeau, wearing a ‘Step Dad’ jersey.

To Ricky’s left is his wife, Emilee Plaayer, wearing a ‘Step Mom’ jersey.

The little girl in the middle is Maelyn, and she’s very lucky, because she gets two sets of parents.

Emilee captioned the photo:

Because of us, I will never believe co-parenting can’t work! I KNOW through experience it CAN WORK! Choose to do what’s best for your child and everything will just fall into place.

The two couples do everything they can to make life balanced and loving for their shared daughter. The Plaayers also have another baby daughter.

Together, the two families try to share holidays and major life events whenever possible. That way, their little girl knows she is always supported by all the parental figures in her life.

It’s not easy to co-parent after splitting up with your partner, but these two families do a great job showcasing how to do it.

Both of Maelyn’s parents are very active in her life, and both sets of step-parents treat the little girl like their own.

A member of the armed forces, her stepdad is more than happy to let his stepdaughter paint his nails hot pink.

Meanwhile, her stepmom makes sure Maelyn and her new baby sister get as much time together as possible!

Clara also shared the photo online, with the simple hashtag, ‘co-parenting.’

Meanwhile, the viral image, which really tells the whole story in just one picture, has been picked up by other sources and circulated all over the web.

The most widely-circulated version was shared by Shelby Condo, with the caption ‘Co-parenting done right.’ It got hundreds of thousands of likes, comments, and shares online!

Neither family has spoken out publicly about additional tips for co-parenting just yet, but the post bears some similarities to a Halloween picture of a blended family that went viral last year.

This photo shows parents and stepparents galore, gathering all their kiddos together to celebrate Halloween in style, free of bitterness or conflict.

While the Cazeaus and the Plaayers are probably still processing their new viral fame, we’re already thinking it would be cool to hear more from them!

So many parents these days are dealing with the challenges of co-parenting, stepparenting, remarrying, and so on.

It would be great for some folks who seem to have the whole thing down pat (and who already get along with one another) to write a how-to book, or something similar, don’t you think?

Of course, no matter what they end up doing, we already know that for all four parents in this story, their daughter and her happiness will remain the first priority.

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