Deputy Prays With A Speeding Driver Instead Of Giving Her A Ticket

by Anna Halkidis
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Usually when a cop pulls over a driver for speeding, a ticket is what comes next. But that wasn’t the case when Deputy Matthew Brakeman stopped RaeAnn Kuykendall‎ for going about 10 miles above the speed limit in a neighborhood in Idaho.

Deputy Brakeman with the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office understood something wasn’t right once he started to speak with Kuykendall‎ and noticed her mother in the passenger seat. The driver explained they were on their way to the oncologist for her mother’s cancer treatment.

Instead of giving Kuykendall‎ a ticket, he decided to pray with them. It hit close to home, since the officer lost his mother to cancer.

The moment is another unforgettable traffic stop where an officer got a little more than he or she bargained for. And it meant the world to Kuykendall‎ and her mother.

Kuykendall‎ wrote about the incident on the department’s Facebook page, saying: “The officer that pulled me over didn’t give me a ticket but instead went over to my mum’s side of the car, got down to her level and gave her a beautiful prayer. Needless to say I emotionally lost it but thankful for him pulling me over at that moment and offering his kindness to us. I don’t know the officer’s name that stopped me but I want to thank him for his blessings and for hope.”

Kuykendall‎’s post emphasizes just how much Deputy Brakeman’s gesture meant to her.

Several viewers also commented to commend the officer, including one who said, “The act of kindness by officer Brakeman was refreshing to hear.”

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