California Cop Lends A Helping Hand To A Woman In Need

by Anna Halkidis
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A California woman received some emotional support from an unexpected stranger: a police officer.

The Visalia Police Department in California shared a photo on Facebook of one of its officers stepping in at a time of need (much like the two Cleveland police officers who bought a teenage church worker a new bike).

This officer in particular was seen holding the woman’s hand.

The reason? She felt nervous about admitting herself into the hospital for voluntary treatment and needed someone to give her an extra push.

That’s when the cop took her by the hand to help ease her nerves as much as he could. Who would’ve thought he’d be the one there for her?

The small kind gesture has warmed many viewers’ hearts. And just like the time a police officer bought a homeless man food, the good deed has been getting a lot of attention on social media.

“Sometimes all we need is for someone to take our hand and show that they care. This is precious and moving,” one Facebook user wrote.

Another said, “We gotta share and support the a+ officers make being compassionate the standard.”

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Like many police departments in recent years, the department in Visalia, CA often updates its residents with news on Facebook.

Sometimes it’s about criminals they’ve detained, while other times it’s about community events.

On October 9, 2015, the department shared an unexpected post: It was a heartwarming photo of Officer Leon Leonard holding a stranger’s hand.

The woman reportedly needed some emotional support to admit herself into the hospital for voluntary treatment.

According to ABC, she told the cops, “One of you will have to hold my hand.”

And that’s exactly what he did!

The photo touched many viewers, some of whom thanked caring police officers like this one.

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