10-Year-Old Can’t Figure Out Homework, So She Messages A Police Officer For Help

by Emerald Pellot
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Lena Draper, a 10-year-old girl who attends Heritage Elementary School in Marion, Ohio, was struggling to do her math homework. What kid hasn’t been there?

The studious young girl was told that “if you need help, find a police officer.” She was at home, so she decided to message the police to see if anyone could help her.

She got the idea from seeing a news story where a first grader did the same thing.

“I saw [the Marion, Ohio, Police Department] on YouTube, when a boy, a first grader, called the police with a problem,” Lena told Inside Edition. “I thought they would know math, and they do.”

Lena messaged the police department on Facebook and Lieutenant B.J. Gruber responded. Surprisingly, Lt. Gruber wasn’t upset with Lena’s request. Instead, he was delighted to help the little girl.

“This is probably the most unique message I’ve ever had,” Lt. Gruber said. “This is the exact environment we try to nurture, this sense among children that not only can you come to us if you have a problem at home or at school, if we have time, we can answer homework questions, too.”

The officer taught her how to do the equations, although he did give her a wrong answer. The officer and father of four says he is more of the creative type anyway.

“I love the idea of feeling like we’re meeting needs within the community,” he explained. “I love kids.”

Lena’s mother, Molly Draper, was stunned that the officer helped her because she knows they have more pressing matters to deal with.

“I didn’t believe [my daughter] at first until she showed me,” Draper said. “I am glad they took the time, because they have other things to do, but I thought it was fantastic.”

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