Stranger Snaps Photo Of Cop Buying Shoes For Homeless Veteran With ‘No Family Or Friends’

by Phil Mutz
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The men and women who serve our communities as police officers are often known for going above and beyond the call of duty.

In addition to risking their lives to keep other people safe, they commonly perform small acts of kindness, many of which go entirely unnoticed.

But back in the summer of 2016, one policeman in Nassau Bay, Texas, got some much-deserved credit for his kind deed.

Sgt. Glenn Sharp of the Nassau Bay Police Department was caught on camera, helping a complete stranger in a shoe store. While there might not seem anything special at first glance, the picture reveals something much more incredible going on beneath the surface.

The stranger happens to be a homeless veteran who was recently released from the hospital with nowhere to go and no one to turn to. Noticing that the man’s shoes were entirely worn out, Sgt. Sharp decided to make a special trip with him to the shoe store.

Scroll through below to see Sgt. Glenn’s story and why this beautiful image went absolutely viral on Facebook.

It’s the job of police to serve and protect, but they often go even further.

Kathryn Hamm of League City, Texas, posted a photo of this incredible policeman on Facebook, along with the message:

This is Sgt. Sharp of the Nassau Bay Police Department, one of the agencies that I dispatch for.

This rainy morning down here on the gulf coast of Texas, I dispatched him out to check the welfare of a man at a gas station.

“Sharp found a homeless vet that had just been released from the hospital, no family or friends, nowhere to go.

Upon deciding to transport him out of Nassau Bay city limits to a metro bus stop (final destination the shelter downtown), he noticed that this man’s tennis shoes were worn down to his socks…

…so before making sure he caught that bus, Sgt. Sharp bought this man some shoes.

Hamm’s post — along with the moving photo — went totally viral, being shared thousands of times on Facebook.

Hamm continued:

Help me give this police officer the recognition he deserves. Let’s overpower the negativity that their field gains these days and share all of the heartwarming moments and selfless decisions they make all the time.

This simple act of kindness on the part of Sgt. Glenn Sharp toward this man who served our country is an inspiration. It proves just how big a difference a single person can make in the life of a complete stranger.

Sgt. Glenn told LittleThings, “I saw the opportunity to help someone in need, and I did what I felt was right.”

What do you think of Sgt. Glenn’s act of generosity toward this homeless veteran?

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