Cop Pulls Car Over At Exactly The Right Time And Discovers Man Choking On A Loose Tooth Filling

by Jess Butler
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Officer David Dirienzo thought he was making a routine traffic stop when he pulled over a man’s car on Route 6 near Westchester, New York, recently.

That is, until he saw the man behind the wheel.

The driver, named Edward Salvato, was in distress when Officer David pulled him over, but not because he was worried about getting a ticket. Edward was choking and Officer David pulled him over at exactly the right time.

Then, the cop jumped right into a terrifying rescue and was able to save the choking man’s life.

In the video below, posted on December 28, 2017, the officer recalls, “He’s beat red, he’s having severe difficulty breathing, he can’t verbally respond to me.”

Edward, who is safe and alive thanks to the quick-thinking cop, says, “I thought something came in the window at me.” He adds, “It actually turned out to be a tooth filling that came loose.”

Officer David performed The Heimlich Maneuver on choking Edward and the tooth filling popped out. It was the best Christmas gift Edward could have asked for.

The heroic cop has been nominated for a much deserved award following the incident, thanks to his life saving efforts.

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Thumbnail Photo: Flickr / Micahel Gil // Flickr / yoppy

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