Cop Running 15K In SWAT Gear Stops His Proposal At The Finish Line To Save A Lifeless Woman

by Amy Paige
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Sgt. Mike Nowacki is a SWAT medic and 19-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department. He recently participated in the Allstate Hot Chocolate 15K — wearing 50 pounds of SWAT gear, including his helmet.

Quite the feat!

As if running the 15K in all that heavy gear wasn’t adventurous enough, Mike also decided he wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Officer Erin Gubala, at the moment he saw her at finish line.

Erin planned to be at the finish line, not only to support Mike but also because she was on duty at the time, patrolling the marathon.

But just as Mike reached the finish line, trying to come up with the perfect words to say to his longtime love, he heard the sound of desperate screams.

The seasoned officer knew he needed to pause all of his proposal plans. Instead, he ran toward the crowd of concerned onlookers and found a female lying on the ground.

She was suffering a cardiac arrest, had no pulse, and had stopped breathing.

Watch the video below to see how Mike’s already busy and emotional day took an unexpected turn, both for him and his future wife.

Footage provided by WGNTV

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