4-Year-Old Hospitalized 25 Times Becomes Best Friends With Janitor Who Cleans His Hospital Room

by Amy Paige
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Cooper Baltzell is only 4 years old, yet he has already been hospitalized at least 25 times. This brave little boy was born with Hirschsprung’s disease, a rare condition that affects the large intestine and causes digestive complications.

Staff at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital quickly learned that Cooper, despite his health issues, is a very bubbly and upbeat child. He was often spotted driving his toy car down the hospital hallways while giving out candy to the employees.

In 2018, Cooper was on one of his corridor drives when he bumped into Gregory Watson, a father of two who has been a janitor at the hospital for the past nine years.

Cooper asked Gregory, 57, if he wanted some candy.

Gregory happily obliged.

The rest was history. Every day from that moment on, Gregory tended to Cooper’s hospital room — and a lasting friendship was formed. The pair have a shared love of chatting the day away and snacking on popcorn.

Gregory has met countless patients over the years but says he’s never bonded with one like this before. In fact, he says Cooper is “the coolest kid I ever met.”

Now this adorable friendship is going viral.

It’s people like Gregory who make difficult and stressful hospital stays just a little bit easier.

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