Family’s Living Room Has A Mirror With A Giant Hole In The Middle, Leading To A 4-Story Slide

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

When you were a kid, what was your dream home like?

My dad always told me that he used to (and still does) want a giant pool full of Jell-O. He doesn’t want cubes of Jell-O, he wants a full pool of solid gelatin that he can dive into from a diving board. It might sound bizarre, but I’m sure everyone fantasized about something quite specific as a kid.

I always wanted a room full of trampolines to jump all over when I was younger, or a cool slide to fly down in the morning when I hopped out of bed. I thought that all of these super-fun things were impossible, a figment of my childish imagination. However, there is a four-story penthouse apartment in New York City that does indeed have a winding, spiraling slide that snakes through the entire apartment.

Architect David Hotson saw an unused building in Manhattan and envisioned a wonderland of an apartment. He restructured the entire interior of the building to accommodate a luxury living space for a whole family. It’s flooded with light and views of the beautiful Manhattan skyline.

The crowning jewel of this apartment is the polished stainless-steel slide that runs through all four floors.

It starts in the attic space, makes a short pit stop on the third floor in case you want to end your journey there, but continues straight through the next three floors of the residence. It has windows to let in some of the glorious natural light, and it gives the entire apartment a totally unique design element that anyone young or old will lust after.

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