12 Incredible Dog Houses That Every Pet And Pet Parent Will Love

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

Dog lovers all around the world always want to give their canine companions the best possible.

If that means a dog bed that’s fluffier and cozier than their own human bed, then so be it.

If that means buying grass-fed, organic dog food when they won’t dish out the big bucks for themselves, then that’s the way it has to go.

Another thing that dedicated dog owners can get creative and lavish with is the dog house. The cool part about dog houses is that they cost way less than a normal house (usually), so you can really fix them up with all the details you want!

These 12 cool dog houses will make you and your pooch wish that you had one of them in your very own backyard.

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I wish that I had a little cabin in the woods as nice as this dog house!



The columns on this baby are so regal, I almost can’t handle it.



This dog house is lovingly referred to as the “Dog Mahal” by its builders. The spacious farmhouse has a lovelier porch than most homes!


roof deck

My landlord won’t let me onto the roof of my apartment building, yet this dog has his very own personal roof deck! I’m jealous.


cottage style

This tiny cottage-style home, which was made completely by hand, is so sweet! Any canine would be lucky to take comfortable outside naps in this dog house.


walk way

This one isn’t all that large, but it has better, more beautiful landscaping than my childhood home!



This $20,000 Victorian dog mansion is probably the actual size of my entire apartment.



The little pooches that belong to reality star Paris Hilton get to live in a miniature version of the socialite’s luxurious home. Heck, I would live in that home!


lit up

I’m pretty sure that if I were a dog, I, too, would really appreciate a night light because I’m so afraid of the dark!



I would have loved this castle as a play house when I was a kid, but instead, two lucky chihuahuas get to occupy it.


house on the harbor

Don’t we all dream of having a quaint little house on the harbor? The pale blue detailing on this one is superb.


dog beach house

Does this little beach dog house remind you of Cape Cod? So wonderful, bright, and cheery. It even has sand!

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