Couple Buys Victorian Courthouse And Converts It Into Home Complete With Jacuzzis And 2 Kitchens

by Kate Taylor
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When you think of unlikely places that have been converted into family homes, a courthouse is probably not the first thing that comes to mind.

People often convert unexpected vehicles like ambulances or school buses into mobile homes, but even by those standards, an official government building is a little out there.

Yet just because it’s unusual doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. In fact, one family from Bristol, England, are selling their family home, which just so happens to have been a courthouse in its former life.

Like many families, the couple that owns the property no longer has a use for all its space now that their kids have gotten older and moved out, according to Bristol Post. 

According to Savills Real Estate, the home, which is appropriately being called “The Old Court,” is listed at £795,000 — over $1 million dollars.

It might sound like a lot, but this property has everything you could ask for and more! Especially if you’d like to have some jail cells in your basement.

As you’ve probably come to notice, this isn’t any ordinary courthouse.

The structure, which according to its listing on Savills Clifton, was originally built around 150 years ago, and was not intended to house a family.

The courthouse was first built in 1857. It functioned as a divisional magistrates court and police station.

As you may be able to tell, it was built in the Victorian Gothic style that was characteristic of the time.

Of course, the pride and joy of the property is the old courtroom.

Today, you can see much of the room has been preserved, including the fireplace and the gorgeous, vaulted ceilings.

According to Savills, the courtroom even features a trap door where convicts used to emerge for their judgment.

The property also features not one but four reception rooms on the ground floor. These are used as studies and sitting rooms today.

Owner, John Hampson, who has lived in the courthouse for 20 years, tells Bristol Post, “We have loved it here, but our children have grown up now, so there’s just the two of us. So we don’t need something this size.”

With only two people currently living in the courthouse full-time, it makes sense that the couple would be looking to sell.

The property has functioned as a popular bed-and-breakfast in the past and could continue to do so for a family who is looking to generate extra income.

The house has five full-sized bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, two kitchens, a gym, a sauna, and even a games room.

Three of the large bedrooms even have their own Jacuzzi bathtubs inside, which makes them a whole lot nicer than the quarters prisoners used to be kept in.

In fact, three of the former jail cells in the basement have even been converted into their own small bedrooms, making the property perfect for a large family — especially if the family likes a place with character and a lot of history.

The property itself has enough space for a family who is looking to escape from the city.

It even has its own garden, pond, and waterfall: perfect for both entertaining or quietly relaxing.

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