Man Buys Old Ambulance On eBay And Converts It Into Tiny Mobile Home To Travel The World

by Kate Taylor
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Almost all of us have fantasized about hitting the open road to travel the world.

Most people can’t drop everything, convert an old car into a dream camper, and embark on the road trip of their life, but the ideal of nomadic life in your own traveling tiny home is pretty darn romantic.

It’s even more enticing when you catch a glimpse of the lifestyles of folks who have found a way to make it work.

For instance, Ian Dow, who goes by Ianternational on Reddit, has found a way to hit the road with his home in tow, thanks to a wise eBay purchase.

The formerly California-based road tripper purchased an old ambulance online and converted it into a camper to drive wherever he wants.

The only thing more impressive than some of the gorgeous scenic views Ian is catching in his converted ambulance is the vehicle itself.

Ian shared this photo of his converted ambulance with the following caption:

I bought an ambulance from eBay, turned it into my home then started driving south. Just entered Costa Rica today. 

The view on the inside might not be quite as impressive as the rich coast of Costa Rica, but you can see how comfortably Ian is living abroad.

This isn’t just any converted ambulance. Ian outfitted the vehicle with teak floors.

Most stationary kitchens don’t even have floors this nice!

Ian shares life on the road with his adorable pooch, Dino.

There’s just enough room in the converted ambulance for a man and his best friend to live comfortably!

In case you were wondering, his four-legged friend is also living the life. Dino is pictured here going for a dip in El Salvador.

Amazingly, the ambulance can hold its own when off-roading.

This photo was taken in El Salvador, where Ian was traveling before he made it to Costa Rica.

Inside, the van is very compact, but nicely laid out.

It must be great to have everything you need within arm’s reach!

And when quarters get a little tight, it’s good to know that the ambulance is equipped with a small roof deck, complete with an umbrella!

Impressed with this cool lifestyle? You can follow Ian and Dino’s travels on Instagram!

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