Contractor Tears Roof Off Couple’s Home, Leaving It Exposed—Yet They Never Hired Any Work At All

by Amy Paige
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Mary and Kapelle Wyatt are in their 70s and live on a fixed income in Kansas City, Missouri. Though a house they own has been vacant in recent years, they continue to pay taxes on it while also paying to keep the property clean and mowed.

In July 2019, a contractor reportedly stripped the shingles from the Wyatts’ roof, leaving parts of the interior completely exposed to the elements.

But here’s the problem: The crew did all this work on the wrong house.

Mary and Kapelle never hired a contractor at all; the crew was supposed to be at a home one block down from the Wyatts!

By the time the contractor realized his mistake, it was too late. The rain had softened the wood, making it impossible for anyone to step on it and cover it back up.

Mary claimed she was told someone would come back soon to replace the missing roof. However, the following months were filled with empty promises and lots of frustration.

It seemed no one wanted to take the blame or the lead on fixing the huge mistake.

Then Fox 4 shared the couple’s story, leading to a string of kindness that restored Mary and Kapelle’s faith in humanity.

Footage provided by WDAF Kansas City

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