Can You Really Contour Your Makeup With Scotch Tape?

by Emerald Pellot
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Beauty guru Nicole Skyes has brought us another unusual yet effective beauty hack. We’ve seen Nicole use duct tape to alter her cleavage, but this time around she is using Scotch tape in a whole new way.

The beauty guru uses tape to get the perfect makeup contour.

The process works by first by putting the tape onto your arm. This reduces the adhesive so that when placing the tape on the face it doesn’t harm or irritate the skin. The tape functions as masking tape in this scenario. Three pieces of tape are used on each side of the face. One piece is placed from the corner of the mouth to the bottom of the earlobe. Another piece is placed from the corner of the mouth to the top of the earlobe.

Lastly, another piece is placed at the bottom of the jawline. Using a matte bronzer fill in the spaces between the tape. Peel of the tape, then blend. The same process can be repeated to slim the nose if desired.

Contouring is a recent makeup trend used to subtly sculpt and highlight the contours of the face. Think of it as creating the perfect lighting where ever you go! See Nicole’s video for more detailed steps below.

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