Contestant On ‘The Voice’ Stages Sweet But Very Awkward Proposal After A Coach Turns His Chair

by Angela Andaloro

Blind auditions on The Voice can be full of lots of high-drama moments. Whether the judges are competing for a particularly talented artist or you’re at home hoping someone will turn a chair, the rule is to expect the unexpected.

One contestant’s audition this season landed him a spot on Team Legend. Right after that, he decided to take things to the next level.

Denton Arnell hit the stage to perform a soulful take on Drake’s hit “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” The performance was awesome, getting him a chair turn from the newest coach, John Legend. Denton asked the coaches if he could bring his girlfriend onstage to experience this incredible moment with him. They agreed. He then began to smoothly transition into a marriage proposal.

The sweet moment didn’t go smoothly the whole way through, however. As he began to get down on one knee, the couple experienced an awkward moment that had the coaches struggling to keep their composure.

Every contestant who steps onstage on The Voice knows that they’re being given an opportunity to make their mark. Denton Arnell decided to take that opportunity.

Denton mentioned to his fans that he auditioned in early February. The show wouldn’t premiere until the end of the month, however.

We finally got a chance to see Denton’s audition this week. His performance wasn’t the only unforgettable thing about it.

The Chicago native and youth church music and arts leader came to the audition with his mother and his girlfriend. Denton and Tiffany have been dating for three years.

In his pre-audition interview, Denton revealed that he had purchased an engagement ring. Fans knew the ring would be tied to the audition somehow, but no one knew how for sure.

Denton performed a beautiful rendition of Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” His performance earned him a chair turn from John Legend.

John welcomed Denton to Team Legend. He complimented Denton’s twist on the song, remarking, “I think you were really creative with the melody and made it your own.”

Denton then asked the coaches if he could bring Tiffany onstage with him to share his special moment. They warmly welcomed Tiffany to the stage.

That’s when Denton decided it was the perfect moment. “So being that you gave me a ‘yes,'” he began, gesturing to John, “I wanted to see if Tiffany would give me a ‘yes.'”

kelly clarkson laughing

In the moment of excitement, Denton and Tiffany ended up headbutting. The coaches had trouble keeping their composure during the awkward moment.

Of course, the show couldn’t help but poke a little fun at the couple when the episode aired. The jokes on this one write themselves.

Fans couldn’t help but laugh at the hilarious twist to an otherwise very sweet moment. They felt confident that Denton and Tiffany’s moment was made that much more unforgettable by the head bump.

Of course, Tiffany said yes. Between Denton moving on to the next stage of the show and their upgraded relationship status, it’s the beginning of big things for the two.

John took to Twitter to congratulate the happy couple. Not only did he deem himself the “best wingman,” but he also felt grateful to add Denton to his team.