Mom Gives Birth To Conjoined Twins, Realizes Doctors Were Wrong To Say They Wouldn’t Survive

by Emerald Pellot
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Chelsea Torres was told to terminate her pregnancy. The mother knew she was pregnant with twins, then went in for an ultrasound at eight weeks.

The news she received was shocking.

“The doctor came in:’Are you bleeding or cramping?’ I answered no, I knew something was wrong,” the mother recalled on her GoFundMe page. “‘Well, your kids are stuck together.’ I wish I could tell you where my mind went. It was a blur after that.”

Her daughters, Callie and Carter, were conjoined at the belly. Doctors warned that Chelsea would miscarry soon. They suggested that Chelsea terminate her pregnancy, but the couple didn’t want to.

“I knew termination would not happen and I’m glad that little speck of thought I did have, I pushed away,” she recalls.

The mother carried her babies to term and went through with a planned C-section. Doctors told Chelsea that the infants would probably be born with health issues and would require testing if they survived.

“I’m so happy I didn’t terminate Callie and Carter, they are amazing,” she said.

After testing, Chelsea discovered that the doctors were wrong. Callie and Carter were perfectly healthy, so much so that they do not require separation.

“The doctors say because the girls are so healthy, they do not recommend separation. We don’t have any followups or plans to go back to Texas to the specialist hospital,” Chelsea told Caters.

While the couple has to adjust to raising conjoined twins with simple things like sewing their clothes together, they couldn’t be happier with their girls.

“Everyone in our hometown is supportive and knows our story,” she says. “We get some people who stare and we get some people who say they have been following our journey.”

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