Apartment Manager Jumps Into Pool To Save Drowning Child, Only To Find Pregnant Mom Underwater

by Kim Wong-Shing
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An Indianapolis apartment manager is being hailed as the Community Hero of the Month for saving three lives at once.

In June, Jennifer Potter was walking by her apartment building’s pool when she noticed a little boy struggling. When she dove to his rescue, she ended up saving not only the boy, Jasiah, but also his pregnant mother, Esther Thiang.

Recently, Jennifer reunited with Esther and Jasiah. For the first time, Esther opened up about that fateful day in June.

Her son, Jasiah, had jumped into the pool at Brookwood Apartments. He was struggling to stay afloat. Esther jumped in to save him, but instead, she ended up unconscious herself.

“We were struggling a while, I don’t know how long,” Esther told Fox 59.

When Jennifer walked by, she saw Jasiah in the water, surrounded by children outside the pool trying to save him. She ran to help. Little did she know, though, that Esther was underwater, too. Esther had allowed her body to go under, hoping only to keep her son afloat so that someone could save him.

“At last, I knew I couldn’t save him,” Esther said.

She prayed to God that her son would make it out alive, even if she didn’t make it.

“It’s OK if you don’t save me, just save my son,” Esther prayed, before passing out.

“I was just praying and holding him, and after that, I passed out. I don’t remember anything after that.”

Jennifer showed up just in time.

Footage provided by WXIN Indianapolis

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