A Woman Paints Herself To Look Exactly Like A Comic Book Vixen In The Shadows

by Grace Eire
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Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

I’ve always been fascinated with pop art, and while I’ve never been hugely into reading comic books, I love the style of illustration used in them. The high contrast and heavy outlines make the images very powerful and bold, while also being able to accentuate incredibly delicate details like collar bones and eyelashes.

Many makeup artists, as well as artists of all kinds, have used the human body as a canvas many times before. Some people like to think of their body as living canvases, just waiting to be covered in permanent tattoo ink, while others opt to temporarily cover their skin in beautiful paintings.

Claire Dim puts up tons of makeup and body art videos on her YouTube channel, but I think my favorite may be this tutorial on how to turn yourself into a high-contrast comic book character, half in black shadows and half in stark light.

It may seem like a tedious task, but the principles to follow are actually very simple! Even if you aren’t planning on trying this on yourself any time soon, it’s still ridiculously impressive to watch her process. The final product? I literally gasped and said, ‘Wow,” to myself at my desk.

It’s really strange to see such a two-dimensional illusion against the background of her 3D, real-life room. If I saw this in person, I wouldn’t know if I was looking at a cardboard cut-out or a real person!

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