22-Year-Old Color-Blind Man Gets A Life-Changing Birthday Gift From His Friends

by Angela Andaloro

A group of friends helped a color-blind man see color for the first time.

For his birthday, friends of 22-year-old Munif Hakim got him a special gift.

They chipped in to get him EnChroma glasses. The glasses provide possibilities to experience color for those with color vision deficiency.

Pal Rahaf Azzam films as Munif opens his gift. First, he reads his birthday card out loud.

“You bring so much color and brightness into our lives, we thought we would do the same,” his friends sweetly wrote. You can tell he was touched by the sentiment.

Munif opens the glasses and is genuinely surprised. His friends eagerly encourage him to put them on.

When he does, he can’t believe his eyes.

“Yo what the [expletive],” he exclaims in amazement. He looks around the outdoor area they’re in, taking in the colors for the first time.

“Wow, is the world really like this?” he goes on to marvel.

Munif shared the wonderful, life-changing moment on Twitter. There, everyone congratulated him on the exciting moment. They also praised his friends for putting together something so thoughtful.

“This is the purest thing I’ve ever seen, wow,” one commenter wrote.

“That is the sweetest thing bro, congratulations,” wrote another.

The beautiful moment is a reminder that sometimes the smallest gesture can mean a lot. Munif’s friends truly did something lovely for him.

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